About ZoomIn

Zoom is a feature in Microsoft® Outlook® that allows you to enlarge the body of emails, calendar items, contacts and tasks for easier reading. Current versions of Outlook (2007, 2010 and 2013) require you to manually change the zoom setting everytime you open a message to read – they do not have the ability to persist your desired zoom setting for reading emails. They always default to 100% which may not be suitable for everyone.

Our Outlook addin, ZoomIn, is an extremely easy to use yet powerful tool that will permanently save your zoom setting to a reading level that works for you. There is no learning curve or complicated instructions to follow. The tool simply builds upon Outlook’s default zoom setting.
Just download, install, select your desired zoom level and you are set!

Product Highlights

  • ZoomIn permanently saves your zoom setting – so everytime you open an email, your saved zoom percentage is applied to the message body.
  • ZoomIn integrates easily with Microsoft®Outlook® 2013, 2010 and 2007.
  • A “Save Zoom” button is added to the Outlook Ribbon to permanently save the Zoom setting.
  • Works with existing and incoming emails.
  • Retains all styles and formatting of original emails.
  • Zoom settings are also saved and applied to “Sent Mails” and when clicking on “Next/Previous” message buttons.
  • Uses Microsoft recommended .net code.  

Customer Testimonials

  • This works a treat and does the job. I set it at 200% and it opens emails so i can actually read them. Thanks so much, Cheers! - Dan W
  • ZoomIn is good for my eyes and keeps me in good posture. - Keisuke
  • ZoomIn certainly delivered on its promise to retain my preferred zoom level. - Marsha Casey