About ShowReminders

In Outlook (2010, 2013 & 2016), the reminder window does not pop up on top of other windows. Reminder is just an alert with a sound and a flash in the taskbar. If you are busy with other applications or away from your computer, it is very easy to miss both these alerts. The whole point of scheduling appointments becomes meaningless if your reminders are hidden behind other windows and you are unaware of your upcoming meeting.

What you need is a solution that was available to you in earlier versions of Outlook – you need to be interrupted with a reminder window to tell you that it is time for your scheduled appointment. Our addin ShowReminders does precisely what reminders are intended to do. It displays the Outlook reminder window in front of other windows while not taking away focus from your active application window.
  • Simple installation process. No configuration required.
  • ​No learning curve.
  • Built on existing MS Outlook calendar appointment functionality.
  • Ready to go in less than a minute!!
Individual and Enterprise licenses available.

​Buy ShowReminders for your Enterprise. Great discounts available for volume licenses!! Several large enterprises and US Federal and State Government Agencies are now using ShowReminders.

If your company is upgrading to a newer version of Outlook, make sure to include ShowReminders as part of your deployment. Contact us now!

Supported Platforms: Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013(32bit/64bit Office) on Windows 7 & Windows 8 OS. Currently, we offer only Enterprise Licensing for Outlook 2007

Customer Testimonials

  • Reminders now pop up in front. This product is worth every penny. - James Robbins
  • I cannot thank you enough! I have been using ShowReminders for a few days now and have not missed a single meeting! - J Cox
  • Finally, i show up on time for my meetings. - Dave Harold