About Sagelamp!

SageLamp Solutions is a boutique consulting company founded in 2010 with the purpose of providing productivity enhancing software and consulting services to law firms. While our consulting continues to mainly focus on law firms, our products having significantly expanded into other industries as well.

At SageLamp, we believe in keeping things simple. Our solutions are refreshing, simple and cost effective. Our products are built keeping real world users in mind who rely heavily on software to complete their day to day tasks and help them become more productive. Once you install our software, our goal is to have you up and running in no time. Simple process, simple solution!

Our overhead is deliberately kept low so we don’t have to overcharge our customers. Although we are small, we compete aggressively with large companies with our unique products and customized services. We firmly believe that there are some distinct advantages in being small. We are able to cater to individual client requests, understand their problems better and provide dedicated customer service that helps build strong long lasting relationships.

Looking forward to building a new relationship with you!