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ShowReminders Frequently Asked Questions 


Q: I see two ShowReminders download files for Office 2010/2013. Which one should I download?
A: Please download the one which corresponds to the Office bitness that you have - either 32bit or 64bit. The bitness of Operating System (Win7 or Win8) does not matter, only the Office bitness matters.
Update: We are shortly releasing a beta version for single file download of ShowReminders that will simplify the install process. There will be only one file to download that will automatically detect the Office bitness and install the correct file.  

Q: I downloaded and installed ShowReminders, but I can't see the Addins tab?
A: Verify that you have installed the correct version of ShowReminders based on Office bitness.
   After you install ShowReminders, ensure that you restart Microsoft Outlook. If you still do not see the Addins tab with ShowReminders button, please contact us at


Q: I installed the wrong version of ShowReminders. I tried to repair the file but running into some errors.
A: Please do not attempt to repair ShowReminders if you have installed the wrong version. It is best to uninstall the product and reinstall the correct version of ShowReminders in order for it to work properly.

 Q: How do I launch the ShowReminders registration window?
A: Click on the Addins tab and you will see the ShowReminders button. Clicking on the button will launch the ShowReminders registration window where you can enter your license information.

Q: I purchased a license of ShowReminders, how do I enter the license number?
A: Launch the ShowReminders registration window (follow steps above) and enter your license number in the same format that was mailed to you and also your email address.

Q: How do I find my license number?
A: Your license information is available in the ShowReminders registration window (see question above on how to launch the registration window)
Q: I have lost my license key - how can I get it back?
A: You can contact us at with your name and the email address you used while purchasing ShowReminders license and we will send you your license key.