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ZoomIn FAQ

 1. What is ZoomIn?


AZoomIn is a Microsoft Outlook addin that allows users to change the default zoom settings and save it permanently, when they open existing or incoming emails in the "Read Mail" window.


 2. What problem does the product solve?


A.  In Microsoft Outlook 2010, the zoom settings for an email are not saved. This means that whenever a user opens an email, the zoom setting always defaults to 100% and the user needs to change it manually, each time, to a higher value. This has been a source of frustration for several users. ZoomIn saves zoom settings for existing emails.


 3. Why can't I use plain text option in Outlook without downloading additional software to increase font size?


A.  While plain text will let you increase font size for better readability, it will take away the power of rich text editing that Outlook 2010's native Word editor allows in emails. You will not be able to view any kind of formatting the sender has added to the email. Click our blog to read more.


 4. How does ZoomIn work?


A.  After you install ZoomIn from our website (, ZoomIn  creates a button called "Save Zoom"(see pic below) next to Outlook's Zoom button. Open an email, click on the "Zoom" button to change the zoom settings and click on the "Save Zoom" to persist the zoom settings for all emails going forward.



 5. What are the supported platforms?


A.  ZoomIn works on 64 bit Windows 7 machine that has Office 2010(either 32bit or 64bit) installed on it.


 6. Anything else to know about the product?


A.  a) ZoomIn only works when you open an existing email in a new window. It does not persist zoom setting when you are reading an existing message  in the reading pane.

     b) ZoomIn does not save Zoom setting for "New" or "Reply" or "Forward" email windows.


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